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Kid Food, Make It Fun!

By Mila Sidman & Alice Seba

Kids love food but most of all they love to have fun. So whether youre trying to get your kids involved in cooking or want them to eat healthier the trick is to make it fun, fun, fun.

Im not talking about designing rabbit faces out of carrots and tomatoes, no Im talking about a much simpler type of fun. Going back to basics when it comes to foods and helping our kids understand where the foods they eat come from.

Here are a few tips to make food fun and getting the kids involved:

Presentation this is a big factor in making food look appealing and fun. You can have a fun presentation with the food itself by arranging it in a nice pattern and using lots of color. You can also present the food in unique ways such as a tropic fruit salad in see through plastic cups with a little cocktail stick on top. Its the little touches that will make your kids ahhh and oooh.

Get the Kids Involved Most kids love cooking and helping out. Let them peel carrots and potatoes, help them scramble those eggs. Even little ones can help out in the kitchen. Sure it may take longer and they may make a bigger mess but its all part of getting involved and learning about food.

Recipe Books Go through recipe books together and let your child choose a special meal every week. Your child may just surprise you by choose healthy meals.

Supermarket Fun Instead of your child just sitting in the shopping cart, let them get out and help you. Tell them the names of the different types of fruit and veg. Let them feel the textures and show them how to tell whether a certain fruit is ripe or not.

By making a few small changes and getting your kids involved in the whole process of food and cooking, youre giving them a special awareness of the importance of food in their lives hopefully helping them make healthier food choices in the future.

About the Author: Find Fun Kid Recipes, nutrition articles and advice on coping with picky eaters at

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