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Planning A Baby Shower - Stress Free Success

by Mike Dougherty

Do you need help putting together a baby shower?

Because you're about to learn how to put together a successful party the expectant mom will remember fondly for years to come.

A successful baby shower is easier to put together than you might think. Really?

The secret to your success is -- all in planning a baby shower.

Waiting until the last minute is a recipe for disaster and is almost guaranteed to stress you out, give you sleepless nights and countless days in the panic mode. Not a pretty picture.

When to start

Since most baby showers take place a couple of months prior to the babies due date, you need to start planning things about four months before the babies due date. That will give you about two months to put everything together and send out invitations early enough to give everyone time to put your party on their calendar.

What to do first

The very first thing you should do is to just sit down with the expectant mom and find out what kind of party she'd like. Ask her if she'd like a theme and if so what? What kind of cake does she like, who does she want to invite, women only or are you going to invite the guys too? And what kind of baby things does she need? And if she knows the gender of the baby, have they chosen a name?

Now that you know what the expectant mom would like, you have enough information to plan a wonderful party.

Decide on a theme

Planning a baby shower gets a whole lot easier once you've decided on a theme.

Does mom have a theme in mind? If not, the sky is the limit. You can get very creative here. Prepackaged themes include everything from "Rubber Ducky" to "Baby Einstein" and everything in-between. Winnie the Pooh, Noah's Ark, Rainbow, Animals and the list goes on.

Once you know the theme, you'll know what kind of invitations to send out, what kind of cake to put together, decorations, party supplies and games to look for.

Invitation wording

What's the reason for sending out invitations to any event?

It's not a silly question, or even a trick question.

The reason you send out invitations is to get people to show up. Because without invited guests your baby shower would be much more than a disappointment for your expectant mom.

So you want your invitations to let everyone know that you're planning a baby shower they won't want to miss.

Be sure to include all the important information like the date, time and location. Also include the full name of the mom-to-be, and if you know it, the gender and name of the baby. This will help your guests when it comes to buying baby gifts and other things.

Play up your theme. If your theme is "Rubber Ducky" you might want to pick up some cute little rubber duck thingies to include in the invitation. You can start off by stating "Rubber Ducky says you're the one... and you are! You're invited to attend our Rubber Ducky baby shower for... "Everything is going to be lots of Ducky fun."

Of course if you aren't feeling creative you can play it safe and pick up some preprinted invitations. I strongly recommend picking up your invitations, decorations, and party supplies online. It's convenient (no driving all over town only to discover they don't have what you need) the selection is wonderful and your choices will be shipped directly to you. It doesn't get any more stress-free than that.

Your baby shower cake

Oh the yummy thoughts!

Everybody loves a colorful tasty cake. And when planning a baby shower you want to make sure the cake is special.

Now before you panic, you'll be very happy to learn that you do not have to bake a cake from scratch.

Just visit your favorite bakery and pick up a delicious, pre-frosted cake (make sure it's the kind our expectant mom likes) and have the baker write something appropriate on it. But we're not through yet.

You can easily make this cake very memorable by picking up a theme appropriate cake topper. Just visit that online party store. You can even find edible cake art images. Now all you need to do is place the edible cake art and the topper on your cake and -- instant 3-D masterpiece.

I told you it would be easy! And don't forget to take lots of pictures of your cake.

Diaper cake

In case you haven't heard a diaper cake isn't a cake at all (but it sure can look like one). A diaper cake is a very creative "cake" made up of things like diapers, blankets, baby pens, rattles, bibs and just about anything else you can think of. Diaper cakes aren't there to replace your yummy cake, but a diaper cake is really a wonderful addition to any baby shower.

Decorations for a fun party location

Get decorations to match your theme. Banners, streamers, posters, standees (a stork). Keep it fun, keep it colorful and don't be afraid to be creative.

Baby shower games

You can find lots of fun printable games online. From baby word scrambles to baby bingo. These games are very popular and easy to play. You should plan 3 or 4 games. You don't want to wear everybody out -- especially our mommy.

Food to nibble on

Keep it simple - finger foods are best. How about a healthy veggie tray, finger sandwiches, fruit bits, party mix, chips and anything else mommy might like.

Use paper plates and you won't have a big clean-up.

Now pick up a fun guest book, some disposable cameras for the guests and you're all set.

Planning a baby shower well in advance makes all the difference.

You won't get all stressed out and by shopping online you don't even have to drive all over town.

Your mommy-to-be is going to love her shower, your invited guests will have a great time and everyone will be thanking you.

Now you've learned all the secrets to planning a baby shower that's going to be a big success. And all without stress, without a single sleepless night, or an "oh-no, I forgot ---"

Instead, you'll be able to sit back and enjoy the party.

Planning a baby shower will make you a super star.

Have fun

Discover wonderful ideas and information for your baby shower. Visit

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