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Hiring a Nanny - Qualifications of a Great Nanny

By Hilary Basile

What are the qualifications of a great nanny? Create your own set of standards to help you when speaking with prospective nannies.

There are countless agencies and organizations that provide non-profit services for those hiring a nanny, such as the International Nanny Association. Following are their standard qualifications for a nanny:

  • The individual must be at least 18 years of age.
  • The individual must have at least a high school education or have the equivalent.
  • The nanny must be in good health, including up-to-date immunizations required for the area they are serving, and have a negative TB test done.

Does the age of a nanny matter? You may be looking for someone that will be able to provide you with physical interaction with your child, for example, someone who could keep up with your three young children. Or, you may be looking for someone that has a great deal of experience and perhaps a more meticulous outlook on child rearing. It is up to you to decide what qualifications your nanny should have. A nanny can be anyone you wish, over the age of 18 that you feel has the right qualifications you set forth.

Although the qualifications of a nanny center on your actual preferences for a nanny, there is one rule that should always be considered being that a nanny should always have a genuine interest and love in children. A nanny should respect children and truly enjoy being around them. Look for a nanny that considers this to be their career, or even their calling, as opposed to someone who looks at this as just another job.

Hilary Basile is a writer for At, you will find valuable tips and resources for handling life’s major events. Whether you’re planning a wedding, buying your first home, anxiously awaiting the birth of a child, contending with a divorce, searching for a new job, or planning for your retirement, you’ll find answers to your questions at

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