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Free Parenting Help - Why You Should Have A Parenting Plan

By Deanna Mascle

Parenting can be hard enough without a solid parenting plan to help guide you through some of the potential pitfalls. Without a solid plan, your parenting skills may be put to the test more than you wish they would be and you may wind up making some awkward decisions that could greatly affect your family. With a comprehensive plan for parenting and raising your family, however, you can be a little more comfortable and a lot more prepared when it comes to raising your children.

Natural parenting is one styles of parenting that is often supported by a parenting plan. Natural parenting is based upon the parenting plan that essentially references no concrete plan. That is to say that the plan involved with natural parenting defers parenting to its most instinctual basis and offers parenting as per the needs in the child-to-parent relationship. Natural parenting is said to be beneficial to the child in that it puts the parent in direct tune with the needs of the child and enables the child to learn to "speak for itself" in terms of what it needs.

Other people use a more family-integrated parenting plan. This plan integrates extended family into the parenting mix, adding uncles and aunts and grandparents to create an entire "squad" of people that parent the child. This may also sometimes reference "crowded house syndrome" and may make the child feel overwhelmed with different vocal parents. The other aspect to consider in terms of family parenting is that it offers a solidified network of support and compassion at the outset and provides family nurturing in as direct a form as possible.

Attachment parenting is a parenting plan that many mothers integrate immediately after birth. This is a type of parenting plan that invokes the notion of not leaving the physical proximity of the infant and enabling for an attachment bond to be formed. There are many medical aspects that both support this style of parenting and condemn it. The supportive aspect is that it introduces the child to parental love and companionship on a consistent basis. The negative aspect of attachment parenting can be, of course, that the attachment may be pushed too far into the child's lifetime and the attachment may never be broken regardless of the age of the child.

Choosing a parenting plan is important because it must reflect the type of child that is present in your life. There is no absolute in terms of a parenting plans; you may find that you select a variance of each type of parenting plan in order to create your own basis for a path on which to raise your family. Regardless of the course of action you choose, the best thing you can do for your family is raise them in a loving and compassionate home with ample room for growth and challenges.

Parenting is the most important job in the world. All too often, parenting is a job that many people do not take seriously enough. With a comprehensive and flexible parenting plan, parents can get on top of the aspects of parenting which may cause them trouble down the road. They can anticipate certain parts of parenting that may cause them difficulty, too, and can utilize aspects of the parenting plan to help combat that adversity. All in all, a good parenting plan is an important component to the lifestyles of many happy families.

About the Author: Find more free parenting advice and download a Free Parenting Tips ebook at

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