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Hiring a Nanny - What to Expect From Your Nanny

By Hilary Basile

Every aspect of hiring a nanny involves outlining what you require. For instance, a nanny should:

  • Respect family decisions and provide services for them.
  • Promote the development of the child in all aspects emotionally, physically, intellectually and socially.
  • Hold true to high standards of professional conduct with the children and families.
  • Continue their education to provide the latest resources and skills for the child.

The role of a nanny is multi-faceted, including being an educator, a nutritionist, an activity coordinator, a researcher, a friend, and much more. They do more than any babysitter could provide as their job is not to keep the child out of trouble for a few hours.

When looking for a nanny, keep in mind that there is no official seal of approval for hiring a nanny. It is recommended that you check on the experience and educational backgrounds of prospective nannies. Many colleges offer specialized child care education and there are a number of nanny institutes as well.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes the prospective nanny qualified to raise your child?
  • What skills do they possess that make them capable of handling this huge responsibility?
  • Do you have relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc. that employ a nanny?

If you know of anyone currently employing a nanny, be sure to inquire with them as to how they found their nanny. For instance, was it through an agency or by word-of-mouth? Meet with prospective nannies and monitor their behavior with your child and your child’s behavior with the nanny. And remember – a background check is essential.

Hilary Basile is a writer for At, you will find valuable tips and resources for handling life’s major events. Whether you’re planning a wedding, buying your first home, anxiously awaiting the birth of a child, contending with a divorce, searching for a new job, or planning for your retirement, you’ll find answers to your questions at

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    • Hanna Andersson
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