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Important Information To Leave For Your Babysitter

By Connie Limon

When you hire a babysitter to watch your baby or toddler it is a good idea to provide a checklist. Keep your checklist in a location easily accessible to your babysitter. A good place might to hang it on the refrigerator or a bulletin board. In this article learn what kind of information you should leave for your babysitter.

General information should include:

•Our names: (This of course is names of parents)
•Our home address (A babysitter may need this in case of an emergency he or she would need to let someone else know the address, for example, in case of fire.
•Our home telephone number
•The name, telephone number, and location of where parents will be
•Where the house key is kept
•Where the car key is kept (if you are leaving a car for the babysitter in case of emergency or whatever)
•Where first-aid supplies are kept
•Where medications are kept
•Mother’s work and/or cell telephone numbers
•Father’s work and/or cell telephone numbers
•If the sitter is only for an evening out, leave sitter with the telephone number of where you will be and/or address of location in case of emergency and/or other circumstances.
•In an emergency, if parents cannot be reached, provide the sitter with names, relationship, address, and telephone numbers of three other individuals.

When to contact us information should include:

•If a child or children cries for more than 20 or 30 minutes and you cannot determine the cause
•If a child or children develops fever, vomits or is injured
•Anytime a circumstance develops that you feel you cannot handle
Provide your sitter with emergency telephone numbers on the checklist. These numbers should include:
•Poison Control
•Police Department
•Fire Department
•Hospital, urgent care or emergency room services
•Pediatrician’s name and address

Provide your sitter with information about what to do in case of a fire. This should include:

•In case of a small, contained fire such as on the stove, the fire extinguisher can be used if you know how to operate one. Notate the exact location of the fire extinguisher on your checklist. Also, show the sitter where the fire extinguisher is located before you leave.
•If there is a larger fire, gather children immediately and lead them out of the house through the nearest door or window. If you have a fire escape plan in place for your family already, give these details to your sitter.
•Test doors before you open them. Get down on the floor; reach up to the door with the back of your hand. If the knob and around the frame is warm, there is fire on the other side. Try another escape.
•Show your sitter where the exits are located in your home and also include this information on the checklist
•Call 911 as quickly as possible.
•Call parents after calling 911 and/or other contacts on your list.

General house rules should include:

•Television programs and movies that are acceptable and unacceptable
•Foods that are acceptable and unacceptable
•Guidelines for outside play
•Guidelines for company
•Bedtime routine
•Special considerations (such as medicines to give at certain times, etc)
•Discipline philosophy
•Never leave a child or children left unattended
•Never leave a child or children left unattended with food

You may also want to write down details about the child or children such as full name, age, weight, height, nap and/or bed times and special instructions. For example, if a child is allergic to a certain type of food, or has a particular medical condition.

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