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First Things First: The Rules of Being a Warner

First Things First: The Rules of Being a Warner


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Kurt Warner is the two-time NFL MVP?winning quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals. Brenda Warner is an ex-Marine turned stay-at-home Mom who collects coats for low-income kids and rocks babies to sleep at a center for chronically ill infants. Together they?re the parents of seven children, going into their thirteenth year of marriage. Their formula for success? They put First Things First?faith, family, and giving to others?it?s their family motto, and it drives everything they do. First Things First is an honest, entertaining, and insightful look at life inside the Warner house. Kurt and Brenda speak candidly about their marriage, the values they?re working to instill in their kids, things they?ve done right, mistakes they?ve made, the importance of giving back, and the legacy they hope to leave behind. Kurt Warner fans will enjoy this behind-the-scenes look into the Warner family daily life. Includes 16 pages of color photos.

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     First Things First: The Rules of Being a Warner

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